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4 Ideas For Window Treatments That Will Transform Your Home

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When decorating your house, you may spend a lot of time and attention choosing the right furniture and the right wall color. However, you shouldn’t neglect your windows! Your windows and the light they let in play a big role in setting the mood in your house. The perfect curtains can tie together the look of a whole room. Here are four ideas for window treatments that will transform your home. Read More»

How to Protect Your Wooden Deck During the Winter

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Wooden decks create a hardscaping area in your yard that is perfect for entertaining guests and expanding the usable space of your property. Furthermore, wood creates a natural and luxurious aesthetic that other types of materials simply cannot replicate. However, wood is particularly susceptible to moisture damage, which means that the winter can wreak havoc on the condition of your decking boards. Taking the proper steps to prepare your decking for the winter season can help prevent future damage from occurring. Read More»

While You're Away, The Mice Will Play: How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Home While You're Gone For The Winter

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If you’re going to be heading to warmer lands this winter, it’s time to take steps to prevent rodent invasions while you’re away. An empty house is the perfect environment for homeless mice, especially if you haven’t taken steps to prevent the infestation from occurring. Here are three simple steps you can take to stop mice from invading your home while you’re away this winter. Seal Your Home If your home is going to be vacant this winter, you’ll need to make sure you seal it up good and tight. Read More»

Own A Lawnmower? Maintenance Tips To Keep It Running Smoothly

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For some people, maintaining a good looking yard is a huge point of pride. It feels great to be able to go outside at any time and bask in the beauty of well-kept grounds. It makes the house looks amazing, reflects well on the resident, and preserves the property values of the houses around it. Keeping your lawnmower working properly plays a big role in making this happen. If your lawnmower goes down, it’s going to be hard to keep your yard up. Read More»

3 Tips For Temporarily Patching A Tear In Your Canvas Awning

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During the last severe storm, one of your home window’s canvas awnings may have been torn, exposing it to the possibility of further ripping and fraying each time the wind blows. If so, use the following tips to place a temporary patch over the tear to prevent further damage until you can have it repaired. Clean the Area Around the Rip Before you apply the temporary patch to your canvas awning, the first thing you should do is thoroughly clean the area surrounding the rip. Read More»

3 Tips For Building An Off-The-Grid Tiny Home

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With the growing popularity of both tiny homes and off the grid living, it is not surprising that many people would like to combine the two. Living off the grid in a tiny home means being completely self-sufficient and energy-efficient, living a more simple and streamlined life, and avoiding the burden of a large mortgage. If you are considering building your own off the grid tiny home, just keep these practical tips in mind: Read More»

A Useful Guide When Purchasing Residential Irrigation Systems

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The only way your yard can stay green and thrive is if you have the right irrigation system. Now, there are many to choose from. To narrow down your list of choices and ensure your lawn is in good hands, keep this guide in mind.  Sprinkler Heads  Irrigation systems today come equipped with different sprinkler heads, which ultimately affect how water is distributed throughout your property. Some of the most common types you can find today include impulse, bubbler, and pop-up heads. Read More»

Five Tips For Grilling With Wood Chips

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Grilling with wood chips takes a little time to master when you learn how to barbecue. When done right, it offers a great way of adding a wonderful smoky aroma to your backyard barbecue. The next time you fire up the grill, keep the following tips in mind for a successful smoke. Choose Your Chips Wisely Different chips offer different types of flavors to complement your choice of meat. Applewood chips, for example, offer a sweet and fruity flavor that works best for chicken and pork. Read More»