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3 Tips For Temporarily Patching A Tear In Your Canvas Awning

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During the last severe storm, one of your home window's canvas awnings may have been torn, exposing it to the possibility of further ripping and fraying each time the wind blows. If so, use the following tips to place a temporary patch over the tear to prevent further damage until you can have it repaired.

Clean the Area Around the Rip

Before you apply the temporary patch to your canvas awning, the first thing you should do is thoroughly clean the area surrounding the rip. Ensuring all dust and dirt is removed keeps the patch adhered longer. If any foreign particles remain on the canvas, the adhesive will be loose and may come off easily.

To clean the canvas, mix together a couple of drops of grease-cutting dish detergent with warm water in a small bucket. Saturate a microfiber cloth in the solution, and gently wipe the area.

Use your hand to support the awning on the opposite side to keep it from tearing any further. Once you are finished with one side, switch your hand to the other side, and wipe it clean as well.

Place a Sturdy Surface under the Area

Once you have thoroughly cleaned around the damaged area, the next step in preparing for your patch is to make sure the canvas is fully supported. If you try to apply the patch without supporting the awning's material, the pressure from adhering the tape may rip the canvas even more.

While you could use your hand for this step, it is better to use a hard, flat surface that does not have any ridges or valleys. Place a board or hardback book under the damaged area, then line up the edges of the tear and close the gap.

Cover the Tear with Clear Plastic Packaging Tape

After making sure the area is properly supported, it is time to apply your patch. While awning patches are available through some home and garden centers, clear plastic packaging tape can also work for a temporary patch.

Cut two pieces of tape that are about an inch longer than the tear on either side. Apply one piece to the top of the canvas, smoothing it down with your hand to remove any air or wrinkles. Then, move your support board or book to the top, and apply the other piece to the bottom.

While placing a patch on your canvas awning's ripped area can help prevent further tearing and fraying, the patch is meant to serve only as a temporary solution. For a permanent fix, contact an awning repair service like Lockhart Gene & Son Canvas Awnings to discuss your options for repairing the damage.