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The Three Ways That Quartz Countertops Outperform The Competition

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Remodeling your kitchen and need to pick a type of countertop? You’re likely debating between the various materials out there. When you look at quartz and granite, you’ll find that quarts outperform the competition in the following three ways. Durability One of the problems with granite is that it is not as durable as quartz material. Granite can crack if something heavy falls on the surface, and it is not heat resistant. Read More»

Energy Efficiency And Your Window Covering Options

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You don’t need to replace all the windows in your home to improve their energy efficiency. Your choice of window covering is a much less expensive and invasive method to improve efficiency and reduce energy loss in your home. The following guide can help you make an informed decision on which window coverings are right for you. Insulation Insulated window coverings help prevent thermal exchange between the outside and the inside of your home through the windows. Read More»

New To Owning A Septic Tank? Common Questions About Maintenance

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Did you recently move into a home with a septic tank? If so, you likely are new to having a home with this type of plumbing system and have plenty of questions about it. Here are some of those questions you may have about maintenance. Is It Okay To Install A Garbage Disposal? You likely noticed that the kitchen doesn’t have a garbage disposal when you moved in, and you may find this something that you miss and want to install on your own. Read More»

Steps for Installing Floating Shelves

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Floating shelves in just about any room of your house are a great way to affordably add character and dimension to your walls. The tricky thing about floating shelves, though, is the installation process. To make sure you don’t end up with a wall full of holes, here are some steps to consider.  Buy the Right Hardware Depending on how much weight will go on your floating shelves will determine what kind of brackets that you need. Read More»

3 Ways To Create A Custom Kitchen

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Your kitchen is likely the center of your home; it’s where you cook, it’s where you host friends and families, and it’s probably where you do most of your gathering. If your kitchen is outdated and is in some major need of revamping, then it may be time for a gut job. The great thing about adding a new kitchen to your home is that if you live in a nice neighborhood, you will more than likely get back more than you put into it. Read More»