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The Three Ways That Quartz Countertops Outperform The Competition

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Remodeling your kitchen and need to pick a type of countertop? You're likely debating between the various materials out there. When you look at quartz and granite, you'll find that quarts outperform the competition in the following three ways.


One of the problems with granite is that it is not as durable as quartz material. Granite can crack if something heavy falls on the surface, and it is not heat resistant. This means if you accidentally set a hot pan on the granite surface, it can crack from the heat. 

This is not an issue with quartz countertops. The material is much stronger than its competition, and can actually withstand those hot temperatures from a pan directly from the stovetop. The material is resistant to scratches, and it is not going to stain either. This can help improve the lifespan of quartz over the years since it is less susceptible to damage. 


Granite countertops do require a bit of maintenance to keep them in good shape since the surface has to be sealed periodically. It often involves testing the surface to see if a drop of water will rest on top of the surface or absorb into the stone. While the maintenance may not seem like much, it's something that you must remember to do or risk damaging the material

Quartz is a solid material that doesn't require any maintenance to keep it in great condition. No need to polish or seal the surface over the years. Just enjoy your countertops without any additional work.


The nonporous nature of granite means that the material is not going to be hygienic as the competition. If water can get into the surface because it is not sealed properly, that means bacteria is going to get inside as well. This can be problematic if you are working with foods like raw chicken or eggs that get on the surface and absorb into it.

Since quartz is completely sealed as a solid material, you don't have to worry about any of these hygiene issues. You can actually do prep work right on the surface of the countertops, and then wash it off afterward and not worry about what is absorbing into the surface. This will offer much more convenience over the years that can make quartz worth it.

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