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Should You Buy Stock Or Custom Cabinets For Your Kitchen?

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Will you soon be remodeling your kitchen, and you're unsure about if you want to pay for custom or stock cabinetry? It may help to know about the key differences between these two types of cabinets before you move forward with a purchase.  

Custom Cabinets

The main reason that homeowners get custom cabinets is that the size will be tailored to your homes' specific needs. This is especially important when remodeling a kitchen within a closed space, where you do not have the wiggle room to make the cabinets slightly smaller or bigger to perfectly fill in a wall. 

Designing your kitchen with custom cabinets can be a bit challenging if you do not know what your options are. It will help to work with a custom cabinet manufacturer to inform you about what your options are and give you ideas on how to build your dream kitchen 

Be aware that the turnaround time on custom cabinets can also be quite long. If you are looking to finish your kitchen remodeling job in a hurry, custom cabinets may not be the best for your needs. It all depends on the level of customization you request and how much time is estimated to build them. 

Stock Cabinets

Stock cabinetry is still very popular to use, which is mainly due to its price. Stock cabinets are going to be much more affordable than custom cabinets because everything is made in predetermined sizes. However, you'll need to take careful measurements to ensure that everything will fit within the space because it is difficult to make modifications later. You may end up with filler panels that extend a gap so that the cabinet extends to the wall. 

You may find it easier to get creative with stock cabinets if you don't have the best imagination since many design choices are made for you. Once you select a type of cabinet, you can look at all the options for different cabinets to fit within the space. Then build your cabinetry out and see what fits between the gaps.

The turnaround time with stock cabinets is also incredibly fast. Since everything is made and ready to be installed, the hardest part is just figuring out which store has your cabinets in stock. 

Not sure what type of cabinet is best for your kitchen? Reach out to a cabinet dealer in your area for more information about your options.