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A Useful Guide When Purchasing Residential Irrigation Systems

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The only way your yard can stay green and thrive is if you have the right irrigation system. Now, there are many to choose from. To narrow down your list of choices and ensure your lawn is in good hands, keep this guide in mind. 

Sprinkler Heads 

Irrigation systems today come equipped with different sprinkler heads, which ultimately affect how water is distributed throughout your property. Some of the most common types you can find today include impulse, bubbler, and pop-up heads.

If you're looking to soak small areas, bubbler sprinklers are a great option. They feature controlled water flow, so you don't have to worry about wasting a lot of water each month. Pop-up heads are known for their misty sprays. They are ideal for small and medium-sized lawns and have the unique ability to spray in different patterns. However, if you have a large lawn, impulse heads will suffice. They can rotate in full circles, delivering a single stream of water to virtually any area. 


To get the most out of your irrigation system every day, you need to consider the various features that come with it. Today, there are many great options -- including programmable sprinkler systems. They enable you to set a watering cycle, based on your lawn's specific needs and ordinances set forth by your local government.

It's also a good idea to look for irrigation systems that come with a rain delay feature. What this does is allow you to keep your system off on days when it's predicted to rain. This way, you don't waste any water since your lawn will already receive natural rainwater. 

Irrigation Installation Company

No matter what type of irrigation system you purchase, it will only work properly if you hire the right irrigation installation company. You need to choose a company that has specific experience setting up the sprinkler system you've chosen.

You also want to ensure they have licenses and credentials, to ensure they went through the proper training and know what they're doing. Finally, it's to your benefit to use irrigation installation companies that offer insurance. So if they damage your property in any way during the installation, they will cover the costs. 

Irrigation systems have evolved a lot over the past few years, making it even easier to keep your lawn healthy and green. To achieve these coveted results, though, you need to select the right system and have it set up correctly by a reputable installation company like Hydrotech Irrigation Co.