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4 Ideas For Window Treatments That Will Transform Your Home

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When decorating your house, you may spend a lot of time and attention choosing the right furniture and the right wall color. However, you shouldn't neglect your windows! Your windows and the light they let in play a big role in setting the mood in your house. The perfect curtains can tie together the look of a whole room. Here are four ideas for window treatments that will transform your home.

1. Wooden blinds 

When you think of blinds, you may think of drab white vinyl slats that put you in mind of an office building. Nonetheless, that's not all that blinds can be. Wooden blinds can be both beautiful and practical. You get all the convenience of blinds without the cheap look of plastic. Wooden blinds are an excellent choice for rustic decor. They add an air of classic sophistication without being over the top.

2. Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are perfect for letting light and air into a room. They're very romantic and will filter out the harsh glare of sunlight without totally blocking it out. Purchase sheer curtains in light shades like cream or rose for a feminine touch. Just remember that sheer curtains don't offer much privacy since they're translucent, so it's best to use them on the second floor of your home, or in houses with a fenced-in backyard.

3. Brocade curtains

Brocade curtains are heavy and dramatic. They're often patterned ornately, and they're the perfect choice for a well-decorated room. Unlike other window treatments that may be more subtle, brocade curtains are statement pieces. Choose rich, dark colors to add an elegant and decadent vibe to your home. Since brocade curtains are made from heavy fabric, these are a great choice for anyone who wants full privacy. Put up brocade curtains in the bedroom for blackout curtains that block out the sun when closed so that you can get your beauty sleep.

4. Sunshades

Sunshades are a good option when you don't want to obscure your view since they roll up unobtrusively when they're not in use. You may want to consider sunshades for your kitchen or any room that gets full sun for most of the day. These shades can be used to block out harmful UV rays and reduce the glare coming through the windows.

When shopping for window treatments, there are so many options to choose from. Curtains can define a room and turn your interior decor from good to great. These are just a few ideas to help you decide which window treatments to buy.