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Accordion Shutters Protect Your Windows From Impacts During A Storm

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If you live where hurricanes or strong storms occur, or if you just want added security protection for your home, consider getting shutters installed. There are a few types of shutters, and they have different costs. Accordion shutters are an option you may like since they're attractive and less expensive than some other choices. Plus, accordion shutters are easy to operate. Here are important things to know.

1. Accordion Shutters Come In Two Types

You can buy these shutters made from metal or polycarbonate. They are both strong options, but the difference is in the way they look from the inside and outside. If you want privacy, metal is the best choice. Privacy shutters are better if you want improved home security since no one can see inside your home.

In addition, the metal shutters come in a few colors so you can match the exterior colors of your home. If you'd rather have natural light shining in, or if you don't want to feel enclosed, clear polycarbonate might be more to your liking.

2. Accordion Shutters Are Convenient

Different shutters are installed in various ways, and they operate differently. The accordion style is convenient to use since they mount permanently. When not in use, they fold up along the sides of the windows. When a storm is coming, or when you're leaving for vacation, you can pull the shutters closed and lock them in place.

It only takes a few minutes to prepare your home for a storm, so you don't have to board up your windows far in advance and be closed up in your home as you wait for the storm to get close.

3. The Shutters Protect Your Windows

The purpose of accordion shutters is to protect your windows from flying debris. A storm can fling tree branches, trashcans, and other debris against your windows with enough force to knock out the glass.

If you have impact windows, the glass may not fall out, but it can still crack, and then you have to pay to replace the impact glass. With shutters covering the windows and patio doors, the glass has a better chance of surviving a hurricane or storm.

4. Accordion Shutters Can Be Custom Made

The shutters need to fit your window or door opening properly to be effective, so you may need to have them custom made. This allows you to cover all of your windows no matter their size or shape. The top and bottom of the shutters fit in tracks so the shutters are held against your house and glide smoothly when you want to open or close them.

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