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Residential Steel Siding

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Steel siding can be used to beautify your home and protect it from the elements. Steel is a durable product that can be painted. Horizontal and vertical siding pieces are used to construct residential siding panels.

Benefits Of Steel

If your home ever had wooden or vinyl shingles on it that became damaged, you are well aware of the hassle that was involved to upgrade the siding materials. Some inferior products that haven't been properly sealed or installed are at risk of coming loose or becoming damaged beyond repair. A steel product is one that you may not notice on the majority of the homes in your neighborhood.

Some manufacturers have been producing residential steel siding in recent years. Steel is a resilient product that requires little maintenance. It can be customized in the same manner that a wood or vinyl siding piece can. Steel provides a thermal envelope around a home that can stand up to wind, rain, and other types of weather and precipitation. Due to the longevity of steel, a homeowner can purchase siding products that are comprised of this type of metal and may not need to replace the siding for many years.

Siding Types

You are likely familiar with how steel looks on an industrial building. Steel often comprises commercial buildings. Steel products that are designed for residential purposes will not have the business-like appearance that commercial steel siding possesses. There are many styles of siding that you can choose from. Vertical siding pieces are designed to be installed from the top of a home to the bottom.

The rigid pieces will come in a panel format and can be aligned in an adjacent row. Steel siding pieces also come in a horizontal format. This style of siding is designed similarly to wood or vinyl siding pieces. Hardware is used to anchor siding. A contractor who is familiar with working with steel can aid with installing steel siding. Some siding businesses specialize in the installation of steel siding.

They may even feature a line of products that a consumer can purchase from them. Many products that are on the market have been painted or dyed. A coating that has been applied to the exterior of a siding piece will protect steel even further. Once steel has been installed, it will be relatively easy to care for. It can be rinsed off with a hose when it becomes dirty. 

For more information about steel siding, contact a local company.