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Things To Do Before Your Scheduled Fence Installation

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Having a new fence installed is so exciting! Your fence company will do most of the work. However, prior to your installation date, there are a couple of things you should do as the homeowner and customer. Take a look at them below.

Establish who will contact the gas company.

Installing a fence involves digging. Your fence installer will need to dig a few feet down, in several locations, in order to pour concrete and set the fence posts. To ensure they do not hit any natural gas lines when doing so, the natural gas company will need to come out and mark any lines in the area. Usually, the fence company will call the gas company and make plans for them to do this, since the fence company is the one doing the digging. But if your fence company has not mentioned this, be sure to ask them about it. They may be expecting you, as the homeowner, to call the gas company and arrange for this marking.

Talk to your neighbors.

It's polite to let your neighbors know you are having a fence installed. You should absolutely contact the neighbors who own the property on the other side of the new fence. But it is nice to let other neighbors know, too, so they can prepare for heavy equipment and any noise that will happen on your installation day. 

Ask about building permits.

In some towns and cities, you need a building permit to install a fence. Ask your fence company if this is required in your town. If it is, the fence company will generally call and get the permit. However, fence companies will occasionally give you a discount if you take care of this part of the process. 

Confirm the color and material choice.

You probably already discussed the color and style of your fence with your fence contractor. It's a good idea to reach out to them prior to the installation and just confirm what type of fence they're installing. Occasionally there can be miscommunications, and it's best to iron them out before installation day arrives.

If you tackle these tasks before your fence installation date arrives, you'll be in good shape. Then, all there is left to do is let the fence contractors work and enjoy the work once it's complete. Your yard will be a more enjoyable space with a fence that you've personally chosen surrounding it. For more information, contact a fence installation service such as Ephrata Agway.