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4 Maintenance Tips For Your Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen

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Stainless kitchen cabinets are popular in outdoor kitchens because they are attractive, durable, and resistant to different types of weather. However, stainless steel can still suffer damage, so it's important you know how to protect it.

1. Use Protection

Although stainless steel is exceptionally durable, it's not immune to scratches and similar damage. If your cabinets include a stainless steel countertop, then the chances of damage from sharp knives and hot pans are even higher. Fortunately, a couple of simple tools will protect your outdoor kitchen. Always use a cutting board and never cut directly on the stainless steel. Further, have a few trivets at hand so you can easily set hot pots and pans on the trivet instead of directly on the stainless steel.

2. Skip Abrasives

Keeping your stainless steel outdoor kitchen clean is a must, both from a hygienic and a design standpoint. Fortunately, stainless steel is easy to clean as long as you remember one rule — never scrub it down with anything abrasive. Minute scratches from abrasive cleaners, like scouring powders, or abrasive rags and brushes will destroy the look of the stainless steel. The small scratches will also trap dirt and bacteria. Instead, use a liquid stainless steel cleaner or non-acidic kitchen surface cleaner and a soft cloth to keep your outdoor cabinets clean.

3. Cover As Needed

Ideally, your outdoor kitchen is built underneath an awning or similar fixed patio cover. Although this may be sufficient from spring through fall, during the milder weather when the kitchen is likely to be used, it may not provide the best protection once winter winds begin to blow ice, snow, and debris under the patio cover. To protect against damage, invest in a fitted cover or tarp and cover up your outdoor kitchen when it isn't in use. This both prevents damage to the stainless steel and it also helps to keep the kitchen clean between uses.

4. Opt for Powdercoating

Although stainless steel resists rust and corrosion, along with other damage, it isn't completely immune. Any exposed metal can experience corrosion or other damage eventually. One way to prevent this is to have your stainless steel kitchen cabinets powdercoated in the color of your preference. The durable finish of a powder coat protects against corrosion and scratches. It also creates an even surface that is easy to wipe clean. You can powder coat existing cabinets, as well, which can help cover any scratches or small damage that have already occurred. 

Contact a stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinet dealer to learn more.