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3 Times You Need An Arborist

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You take good care of the trees in your yard, and they are healthy and thriving, for the most part. Unfortunately, you might have a few trees that don't look as healthy as the rest, are getting very large, or becoming difficult to prune on your own, and you aren't sure you need a professional.

Here are three instances when you need to hire an arborist from a tree service company.

Your Tree Is Showing Signs of Serious Illness

When a tree is suffering from a serious illness or it has been invaded by predatory insects, it will exhibit signs of a problem. Here are a few to watch for:

Unusual Leaf Numbers and Colors. Watch for changes in the number, size, and coloring of leaves. Sick trees will often produce fewer leaves, smaller leaves, and the leaves will turn brown or have streaks.

Mushroom. Certain species of mushroom will invade sick trees. They will grow near the bottom, and the bark near the mushrooms will feel soft.

Damaged Bark. Look for patches of damaged bark, which is often a sign of a severe insect infestation.

If you suspect your tree has suffered an insect invasion, look for the insects themselves. This will help your arborist identify the issue more quickly and come up with a plan.

Your Tree Needs to Be Climbed to Prune

There are several mature trees on your property, and you've noticed the branches near the crown are growing out of control and causing the tree to lean. Trimming these branches can help stabilize the tree, but they are several feet off the ground. Don't risk an accidental fall or branches accidentally falling on the ground and injuring someone. Instead, contact an arborist.

An arborist has the proper tools and skills to cleanly cut the branches without damaging the tree. If you remove too many branches from the tree or they are not cut properly, it leaves the tree vulnerable to disease and insect infestation.

Your Tree Needs to Be Removed

Finally, if your trees are large, mature, or they are tightly squeezed together, don't try to remove them yourself. There are certain techniques required to safely fell a tree without damaging any structures or other trees nearby. If the trees are close together, your arborist can expertly find a way to cut down a tree that is tricky to remove.

From changes in leaves to a tree that is large and needs to be removed or pruned, there are several times you should contact an arborist for assistance.