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Pouring Your Own Patio With Ready Mix Concrete

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You can improve the utility, attractiveness, and value of your backyard with one small improvement: a concrete patio. Concrete patios liven up the look of an outdoor living area, while also providing functionality. Whether you want to BBQ or create an outdoor work space, your first step will be the foundation: a brand new patio.

Marking Off the Patio Space

The cost of your patio is going to be based primarily on square footage. Mark off your desired patio space and measure it early on, to figure out your budget and your options. Of all types of patio, a concrete patio is likely going to be the cheapest option. It's also one of the most durable options.

Prepare the Patio Area

Your patio area is going to need to have the grass removed from it and then be leveled. Leveling is usually done by tilling up the ground and then introducing sand. A bed of sand will self level to some degree, making it easier to achieve perfectly flat concrete.

It can be difficult to lift up sod, especially if the grass is healthy in your yard. You can either purchase a grass removal tool from the local home improvement center, or you can wet down the entire area and attempt to cut the sod up with a grass cutter. When cut up, grass will often "roll" up like a rug. 

Get the Structure Framed

Once your patio area has been prepared, the patio itself will need to be framed. This is one of the things you may want done by a professional rather than attempting on your own. The wood frame of the patio has to be very strong, as concrete and cement is very heavy. If the frame blows out during the pouring, the concrete will spread everywhere and the patio will become unusable. If there's one part of this project to be done by a professional, it is this one.

Make Your Mix

A ready mix cement supplier , such as P & L  Concrete Products Inc & Garden Center, will be able to bring your cement to you and pour it into your frame. From there, it just needs to properly set. Concrete needs to be mixed in appropriate ratios, with the right amount of cement, gravel, and water. It also needs to be kept constantly mixed. A cement supplier will charge you for the concrete they provide, but will be able to deliver it on demand.

Pouring your own patio can be a fun summer project as well as a way to improve your overall property values. You can price out the project and get advice regarding it at your local home improvement store.