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A Few Tips For Selecting Outdoor Furniture

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Outdoor living and dining spaces have become very popular in recent years. Because people are entertaining and relaxing outdoors more, there is a wider selection than ever when it comes to outdoor furniture. Your outdoor space can be just as attractive and functional as any room in your home. Here are a few tips for choosing the right outdoor furniture.

Buy High-Quality Pieces

Outdoor furniture gets more wear and tear than indoor furniture due to exposure to the weather. Cheap furniture may only last a season or two before it needs to be replaced. If you buy quality furniture made from a material such as wrought iron, it will last for several years. It costs more initially, but you'll get value for your investment. Look for furniture with durable frames that have cushions made from fabrics treated to resist mold and UV fading so the cushions last as long as possible too. You'll usually find the best selection of high-quality tables, chairs, and lounges at a furniture store that specializes in outdoor furniture.

Buy Furniture That's Easy To Store

If you plan to store your furniture for part of the year to prolong its life, then you'll want pieces that can fold flat or stack so they don't take up much room. If you can fold the pieces, you may be able to store them in your attic or garage rather than rent a storage unit. You'll also want to consider the weight of the furniture. Wrought iron is durable but it is also heavy. If you know you'll be moving your furniture around a lot then you may want something that's lightweight instead.

Draw A Floor Plan Before You Shop

When you're looking at furniture in a shop, it's difficult to imagine how it will look in your space in an accurate way since furniture stores have such large showrooms. You'll want to take a floor plan of your deck or patio along with you. Be sure the measurements are noted on the diagram so you can tell how much room a particular furniture set will require and how much free space will be left for walking and mingling. If you have a large outdoor kitchen and dining area along with sitting and lounging space, you'll want it to look well-designed just like the rest of your home. Having a floor plan with accurate measurements and an idea of how you want the furniture arranged before you go shopping will help you narrow your choices at the store.

Don't forget to try out the pieces you like at the furniture store before you buy them. Dining chairs should feel sturdy and comfortable. If you're a short or tall person, you'll want lounge chairs that fit you perfectly so you can relax by the pool or snap in the shade in complete comfort. Contact a furniture shop, like Think Outside... The Outdoor Great Room Store, for more help.