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Spruce Up Your Nautical Themed Living Space With These Sea-Worthy Embellishments

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You have tacked down the major elements of your nautical themed space, from the rugged wood floors to the navy blue furnishings. Now comes the funnest part of all: adding all of those small decor items that truly give the space it's sea-worthy personality and designer flair. Thankfully, there is no shortage of nautical themed home decor on the market and there are a lot of rustic home decor pieces that can fit in just the same. Check out these nautical-inspired home decor pieces to add to your living space to really set sail with your new interior design theme. 

Fishermans Lamps 

Light up the space with lights that are designed for those dark days at sea with lamps that look just like fisherman's lanterns. These old-style lanterns come in a handful of different forms, but they are most often displayed on a hook that is attached to a sturdy wooden or metal base so the lamp itself is actually dangling like it would be if held out by a fisherman at sea trying to find his way through the darkness. Nickel, brass, and iron finishes all lend their own appeal, so the choice is yours for the taking and there is no shortage of finish options. 

Roped Curtain Rods

Skip the traditional curtain rods and hooks and go with something a little more like you would find on an actual vessel of the sea with roped curtain rods, holders, and tiebacks. Rope style curtain rods and other curtain accessories look like real life pieces of rope and some of them actually are rope pieces that have structured cabling inside to give the its sturdy shape. Some of the roped curtain rods come with knotted ends for an added touch and you may find some with long dangling pieces of rope on either end of the rod for a more dramatic touch. 

Captain's Wheel 

No nautical themed space is complete without a wheel to steer the design in the perfected direction to tie it all together. Captain's wheels for home decor use come in a range of styles and designs from tabletop pieces made of ceramic that are fairly small to large free-standing wooden wheels that can be situated in the corner of the room as a statement piece. You can find captain's wheels made out of rugged wood materials or finished in brass or copper for a little pizazz. 

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