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How To Infuse Old World Accents Into Your Modern Yard And Garden Area

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Do you love the look of Old World estate gardens that have been there for decades but have no clue how to simulate that environment in your outdoor living space? You may already have your landscaping plan down -- a mixed perennial border and an culinary herb garden to provide that old-fashioned cottage garden look, but what about the hardscaping?

Fortunately, there are many ways to use modern materials to give your yard and garden area that timeless country estate look and feeling. Following are just four of the many options modern homeowners have to achieve this charming look. 

Intimate Seating Areas 

If your yard and garden area is like most modern outdoor living spaces, you've got plenty of seating on your deck or patio, and this provides a perfect spot for family dinners or for entertaining friends and neighbors. However, classic Old World estate gardens also feature less obvious seating areas throughout various parts of the property that are meant for one or two people rather than a group.

For instance, a small, sun-dappled bench situated on a cobblestone path lined with flowers, shrubs, and trees provides an idyllic location to while away an hour reading a book to a beloved grandchild or simply sitting alone musing the mysteries of life when you need a break from a hectic life. Husbands and wives may choose to have a small outdoor dining area to enjoy personal time together -- whatever the purpose, small seating areas situated among thriving gardens creates an nostalgic accent that can provide the scene for many lifelong memories. 

Cobblestone Pathways 

The addition of a cobblestone pathway to your yard and garden area provides a quick way to infuse abundant Old World ambiance into your outdoor living space. Cobblestones were first used centuries ago to make navigating through muddy streets and was, in fact, one of the first paving materials ever used. One of their main advantages is their design versatility -- you can use them to create a winding garden path that meanders under the trees among your flowers and herbs as well as pave a small hidden area to hold an outdoor table and chair set.

Another advantage of cobblestone is that it's an extremely tough and durable material that doesn't require much maintenance in order to remain attractive and strong, and it actually improves in appearance as it becomes more weathered. Cobblestone is capable of withstanding an enormous amount of pressure, and it's also relatively easy to install.

You can purchase cobblestone products from companies like Harristone for a weekend project or pay a qualified contractor to do the job.

Wrought Iron Fencing 

Few things give a home exterior an Old World presence like high quality wrought iron fencing, and it pairs extremely well with cobblestone. Like cobblestone, it handles the elements well and lasts for a long time. Your wrought iron fencing can be as ornate or as simple as you like. Many homeowners choose have a relatively plain fencing with an ornate, artistic gate at the front entrance of their property, while others prefer an understated look all around. 

Sundials and Statuary 

Sundials never fail to add a classic note to any outdoor living space. If you've got curious little minds in the home, they also offer an excellent learning tool. Learning how to tell time by the shadows cast by a sundial will spark young imaginations and create happy family memories. Statuary is another hardscaping option for adding Old World ambiance to your yard and garden area, particularly if the statuary you choose has a classical flavor -- think depictions of Greek and Roman deities or whimsical Shakespeare characters.