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How To Create An Elegant Garden

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Have you been thinking about making changes in your home garden? Perhaps you are moving into a brand new house and are planning how to establish a garden there. If you have decided that you want to create an elegant garden, from selecting patio furniture to finding suppliers for stone slabs, here are some ideas that might help you to design something special:

Do Your Homework - Start by buying an accordion folder in which to keep pictures and written ideas that you want to include in your garden:

  • Buy home and gardening magazines and see how you can combine pictures you like with your own ideas. 
  • For example, perhaps you want a gazebo as part of the design. Pictures in magazines might inspire you in knowing which plants to hang in the gazebo area.
  • Think outside the box. Borrow ideas from the inside of your home that can be incorporated in your garden to make it elegant. 
  • For instance, you might find a picture of weather-friendly wicker furniture that you like. Add formal throw pillows as accents, just as you would in your living room.

Do The Actual Work - After you have accumulated pictures and other information, set aside enough time to do the actual work in your garden:

  • Think of finding a supplier for marble slabs that can be used for a walkway or as stepping stones.
  • The great thing about using marble slabs is that they are affordable and they will last forever and a day. In addition, they are easy to care for.
  • The marble supplier will have ideas that you may not have thought of yourself. For example, if you want a wishing well as part of the design, the supplier might suggest surrounding it with marble slabs, thus enhancing the area.
  • Consider dividing the garden into sections. For example, have a patio area that you can use for entertainment. Another area could be used to show off things like rose bushes and statuary. Use marble slabs to get from one area to the next.

While you are planning your elegant garden, think about driving around fancy neighborhoods in your town. You will probably get many ideas just from looking at the front lawns. For example, you might be inspired when you see an entire walkway made of marble slabs. Add your own touch by installing lights in strategic places that will show off the beautiful garden that you have created. 

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