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Three Things That You May Not Know About Gas Inserts

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When you're looking for a heat source for your home that also augments the look of the room in which it's placed, a gas insert can be an ideal choice. When you visit your local fireplace retailer, you'll be impressed to see that gas inserts are available to suit virtually every sense of style. This means that whether you has a traditionally decorated home or one that is exceedingly modern, it shouldn't be difficult for you to find a gas insert that matches your sense of style. Some people don't know a lot about gas inserts, but learning about them can compel you to see that buying one is a good decision. Here are three things that you may not know.

They Can Fit Into Existing Fireplaces

If your home already has a wood-burning fireplace, you might be looking to replace it if it's old and worn out. Whereas replacing the fireplace with a new one can be expensive and labor intensive, an alternative is to opt for gas insert. Gas inserts can fit into existing fireplaces and even use the existing chimney. This means that you may not have to replace your wood-burning fireplace, which is especially ideal if you like its appearance. Provided that your installer deems your fireplace to be safe and conducive to a gas insert, the insert can be fitted into your fireplace.

They Can Be Vented Out A Wall

A wood-burning fireplace requires a chimney and a significant amount of venting in order to be safe. A gas insert, meanwhile, doesn't need a traditional chimney. Many gas inserts mounted into your wall can be attached to a vent that exists horizontally out the wall. This is a desirable feature because it dramatically cuts down on cost; a chimney is extremely expensive to have installed in your home if you want a wood-burning fireplace. Additionally, chimneys eventually have to be repaired and rebuilt, while the vent of a gas insert generally requires little maintenance.

They Have Many Design Options

You'll often find that gas inserts are highly customizable. This means that you can essentially "build" your favored product from the ground up, choosing how it will look, what output it will have, and more. If you like a traditional look, you can easily find a gas insert with a flat black exterior finish. If modern is more your taste, something with a brushed aluminum look might be more suitable for how you decorate your home.

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