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The 5 Steps Involved In Replacing Old Aluminum Windows With Vinyl Windows

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If your home has a brick exterior and old aluminum windows that you would love to replace with new vinyl windows to make it more energy-efficient, then it's important you know this is completely doable.

In fact, if you prefer replacing the windows as a DIY project over hiring a window replacement professional, then by following these five simple steps you can do the job yourself:

Step 1: Safely Remove the Window Glass and Inner Frames

Before you attempt to remove window glass, you must cover it with a clear window demolition film. This ensures that if the glass breaks, then it won't shatter all over the place or injure you.

Carefully remove each window by unscrewing it from the frame and lifting it out. Try to take the glass out in one piece.

Important Note: All of the glass and window frames you remove can be recycled at your local recycling center.

Step 2: Remove the Old Aluminum Window Frames

Once the glass has been removed, then you can easily remove the outer aluminum frames. To do so, simply unscrew any screws you find or use a pry bar to pry up frame areas that were nailed in place. Each piece of the frame should only have one or two nails.

If you find caulking and it is preventing you from easily removing the frames, then use a utility knife to cut through it.

Step 3: Nail the New Vinyl Window Into Place

Typically, vinyl windows will need to be nailed to your home in the middle of their frames. Since there is likely a void between your home's structure and the exterior brick layer, you may need to fill it with some lumber so you have something to nail into. 

Use wood shims to make the new window level so it will operate correctly as it ages, and then nail the window's frame into the wood you just installed inside the wall.

Step 4: Run a Bead of Paintable Silicone Caulking Around the Window

To make the new window airtight, you need to run a bead of silicone caulking around its perimeter. When you buy the caulking, choose the paintable option to make your future life a lot easier if you decide to paint your window frames.

Step 5: Clean the Window and Enjoy the View

The last step in installing a new vinyl window to replace an old aluminum window in your home is to simply clean the glass and stand back and enjoy your new energy-efficient clear view! Click here for more info about your options.