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4 Different Features To Consider For Your Next Washing Machine

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If you are in the market for a new washing machine, you need to consider carefully what features you want your washing machine to have and what features you are willing to compromise.

Energy Star

An energy star washing machine is more of a designation than a feature. When an appliance meets certain energy usage requirements, it can earn the Energy Star rating. What this means for you is that the unit is specifically designed to use less energy and less water, which means you will be able to save on your energy and water bills when you use an Energy Star washer versus a non-Energy Star washer. This is a worthwhile designation to look for as it will save you money, even though it's not a button you can press on your washing machine, it is still a feature worth looking for.


You can connect your washing machine to the internet. With a Wi-Fi-enabled washing machine, you can connect it to the internet of things via a device such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. This will allow you to use your voice assistance program to start your washing machine and to let you know when it is done. You will still have to change your clothes into the dryer, but the chances of you forgetting a load of clothing in the washing machine are greatly reduced with this feature.

Hand Wash Cycle

If you have a lot of delicate clothing that has to be hand-washed but don't want to spend the time hand-washing them, look for a washing machine with a hand wash cycle. This is a very gentle cycle that is designed for the most delicate fabrics and clothing. Having a hand wash cycle will save you time, and ensure your clothing dries faster when you hang it up to dry.

Automatic Water Levels

If you are concerned about your water usage, look for a washing machine with automatic water levels. A washing machine with automatic water levels will sense the weight and size of the load and add the right amount of water that the load needs. You will no longer have to sit there and guess if you have a medium-sized load or a large load; the sensor will determine the size of the load and release the appropriate amount of water.

When looking for a new washing machine, consider one that is Energy Star certified and has an automatic water level to save you in energy costs. If you want to automate your home, look for a Wi-Fi-enabled washer, and if you have lots of delicate clothing, choose one with a hand-wash cycle.

Get started looking for your new washing machine today.