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Are You Remodeling Your Bathroom With An Elegant Theme?

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Has the time finally come that you can remodel your older master bathroom? If so, are you looking for ideas that will help you to create an elegant mood in the master bathroom? From doing some research to selecting elegant items for your bathroom remodel project, here are some ideas that might help you.

Do Some Research - Think of places you can get ideas that will make your bathroom unique and lovely. For example, visit house and garden trade shows where you might find entire bathrooms set up. Another idea is to pour through house and garden decorating magazines. Don't just look at bathroom ideas, though. For example, a picture of a living room might have a beautiful crystal chandelier as part of the design. There's nothing that says you can't have that kind of chandelier in your master bathroom, right? 

You might even get ideas from the garden pictures in a magazine. For example, you might fall in love with a small wrought iron patio chair. Would that type of chair be pretty in your master bathroom? A tiny occasional antique table in a living room picture might be just what you need to set beside an antique bathtub. That small accent table might  be the perfect place to place pretty bottles of things like bubble bath and bath salts.

Visit A High End Bathroom Supply Store - Think of going to a store that carries unique bathroom items. For example, you might find a gorgeous porcelain bowl with a floral design. Would that be a good addition to your master bathroom? The store will probably also carry elegant hardware like faucets and cabinet knobs that will add interest to the bathroom. The store might even have entire bathroom showrooms displayed. 

The showroom might have exactly the kind of granite or tile countertops that will add elegance to the bathroom. Or, you might love the basic design, but you would prefer a different color. That shouldn't be a problem. For example, if the bathroom showroom has off-white granite and tile, but you want a more dramatic look in your bathroom, you can still choose a jewel tone for the granite or the tile.

The show room will more than likely even have towels on display. Choose colors that will complement the countertops you selected. For example, if you went with turquoise for the color of your tile, consider a lighter shade of turquoise for the towels, but select the same brighter color of turquoise for the monogram.